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Featured Projects

Thematic And Special Exhibition


  • Living Wetland Gallery, Hong Kong Wetland Park

  • Wetland Challenge, Hong Kong Wetland Park

  • Sustainability Gallery, Hong Kong Baptist University

  • Wetland Cinema, Hong Kong Wetland Park

  • Heritage of Mei Ho House - Revitalisation of Mei Ho House

  • 50th Anniversary & Time Capsule, Immigration

  • Wet Lab - Wetland Discovery Centre, Exhibition and Workshop, Hong Kong Wetland Park

  • Land Registry Archive Exhibition - Open Day 2010, Shatin Government Office

  • Interactive Exhibition, Lion Nature Education Centre and Aberdeen Fisheries Education Centre

  • Anti-drug Propaganda Poster Exhibition, Drug InfoCentre

  • Pearl River Delta: Movie, Culture & Life Exhibition, Hong Kong Film Archive

  • Exhibition gallery and exhibits Enhancement works, Hong Kong Planning and Infrastructure Exhibition Gallery

  • Infrastructure Walk - Multimedia exhibit, Hong Kong Planning and Infrastructure Exhibition Gallery

  • Mechanical & interactive exhibit, INteger Exhibition, Tamar Site

  • Culture Festival - Wetland Exhibition, Hong Kong Wetland Park

  • International Museum Day Exhibition, Hong Kong Cultural Centre

  • Museum Thematic Exhibition Showcasing, New Town Plaza

Sustainability Gallery
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Wetland Challenge
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Wetland Cinema
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Heritage of Mei Ho House
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Movie, Culture & Life Exhibition
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Interactive Exhibition
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Living Wetland Gallery
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Infrastructure Walk
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