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Training & Career

Internship Programme

We offer Internship Programme for graphic and design candidates and those who aim for a pre-employment training and working experience. This programme offers the interns an opportunity to apply their graphics designs and practise the hands on software manipulation skills with direct exposure to real-life working environment and routine flow of design-related projects. Although the Internship Programme would not constitute an employment, we are seeking ambitious interns, and we view our interns as committed partners in our quest to enhancing competence as an individual and as a team. The intern would be assigned to a team with the guidance of a mentor to achieve the goals of the programme. In return for these efforts, we endeavour to teach interns as much as possible about the project & non-project related items, and the most important the efficiency of design works are lacking in the academic environment. Competent interns might be offered with parallel referral to working areas which best suit their strengths and capabilities. 

      ● Minimum age of 18, good command of spoken English and Cantonese
      ● Educated in design related subjects with proficiency in graphic softwares

Interested candidate please send full resume and contact information to us by mail at: 


All information collected will be treated in strict confidence and used only for recruitment purposes.

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