Featured Projects



Museum of Coastal Defence, HKSAR

  • Outdoor Exhibition and Wayfinding


Hong Kong Heritage Museum, HKSAR

  • International Museum Day - Gems of Museum


Hong Kong Museum of Arts, HKSAR

  • French Vision of China

  • Impressionism - Treasures from the National Collection of France

  • Secret Codes - The Art of Hon Chi-fun

  • Tea Ware by Hong Kong Potters 2005

  • The Art of Giving - A Selection of Donations to the Hong Kong Museum of Art

  • Gateways to China Trading Ports of the 18th and 19th Centuries

  • Hong Kong Memories - Selected Historical Pictures of the 19th Centuries

  • Huang Yongyu at 80 - An Art Exhibition

  • Liu Guosong - A Universe of His Own

  • Metal, Wood, Water, Fire and Earth – Gems of Antiquities Collections of Hong Kong (Chinese Glass of the Qing Dynasty)

  • Pottery and Porcelain: A Journey of Discovery

  • Vietnam Behind the Lines – Images from the War 1965-1975

Liu Guosong
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International Museum Day
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Chinese Glass of the Qing Dynasty
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Vietnam Behind the Lines
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The Art of Giving
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International Museum Day
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Secret Codes
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French Vision of China
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