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Exhibition Service

The company provides a wide range of Exhibition Service which includes the followings:


1.   Expo
      ● Exhibition stand and booth
      ● Exhibition showcase and platform
      ● Audio and video display and exhibits
      ● Showcase and display console
      ● Mechanical and interactive exhibits
      ● Up-today technology integration
      ● Contracting and project administration

2.   Museum
      ● Exhibition Interior Design Services
      ● Curatorial and concept design
      ● Props and setting design
      ● Fabrication and installation services
      ● Exhibits and artefacts display
      ● Artefacts sourcing and acquisition
      ● Guided tour and educational package

3.   Thematic and Special Exhibition
      ● Exhibition Interior Design Services
      ● Fabrication of special exhibits
      ● Model exhibits and AV integration
      ● Mechanical and interactive exhibits
      ● Exhibition promotion services
      ● Promotion pamphlets design and production
      ● Souvenirs and special promotion materials

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